Sustainability: Responsible Resources

Commercial Printing

A Holistic Approach: Recycle, Sustain & Responsible

The Garvey Group is committed to a holistic approach of environmental management. We minimize the environmental impact for the entire print production process and embrace a renewable and sustainable practice with a goal to shrink our carbon footprint.

Every plant participates in extensive recycling programs:

  • Nearly 6 million pounds of paper annually
  • Over 56,000 pounds of corrugated cardboard annually
  • Nearly 170,00 pounds of aluminum press plates annually
  • Nearly 42,000 pounds of styrene & plastic annually


Forest Stewardship Council© (FSC©) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI©) certifications, ensure we are following “chain of custody” requirements under a internationally recognized environmental guideline that promotes responsible management and sustainability of the world’s forests.


The Garvey Group’s use of Low VOC emitting solvent based inks, coupled with our virtually 0% VOC emitting UV inks and coatings, ensure we are protecting the air we share.