A Mastery of Color

Attaining G7 Master status is a competitive goal for those providing creative, premedia and printing services, worldwide.

The Garvey Group is G7 Master Printer Certified by IDEAlliance.

The IDEAlliance G7 Master Program is a qualification program that identifies those creative, premedia and printing companies who have been trained to proof or print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves. The Garvey Group can meet print buyer requirements to produce proofs and/or printed output, conforming to the metrics that reliably render brand images across print locations and different printing processes.

What is G7?

G7 is an improved method for matching color across multiple devices.

The science behind G7 lies in the calibration of printing presses and proofing systems with the goal of repeatable, consistent color and images from proof to press, press to press and even facility to facility. The ‘G’ stands for the new calibrating Gray values and the ‘7’ for the core colors in our ISO printing rainbow . . . Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K), Red (M+Y), Green (C+Y) and Blue (C+M).

What does G7 mean for print buyers?

For print buyers, G7 means that if you are working with multiple Garvey facilities or even outside suppliers – say our Large-Format operation in Illinois, an outside supplier in Texas, and our commercial 10 color press in Sturtevant, Wisconsin – and all of them are G7 Masters, you can be more confident that the vibrant reds and yellows in your new marketing campaign will “visually match” across all three locations, regardless of what press size and whether it’s a point-of-purchase display, brochure, self-mailer or packaging.

What does the certification seal mean?

The “G7 Master” designation is the “seal of approval” granted by IDEAlliance to printing companies, ad agencies and premedia shops who have successfully gone through the training, testing, and press form auditing to meet the requirements. Renewal and retesting is done annually to maintain the G7 Master status. This helps guarantee that once a plant is approved it will stay on its toes and maintain the methodology.

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